Monday 7 April 2008

McQueen- A lot of consulting

After yesterday afternoon's consultation, and boy was there a lot of consulting going on (til it got dark infact!!), we had a real consultation this morning with a real doctor (as opposed to Dr Cooper). We picked up some prescriptions for some pretty hardcore bits and pieces for the medical kit. This was quite trepidating since I am not a doctor and brings to the forefront of the mind the enormity of being out there, many miles from land and thus assistance. It was good for me to put a face to a name for the medically qualified person who will hopefully be able to offer some advice over the Sat-phone should it be required...

We took things, perhaps, a little slower today than we can really afford to, but the library is stowed (to starboard) the beer is stowed (to starboard)...hmmm... so tomorrow will no doubt include shuffling heavy stuff to the port side.

After all yesterday's visitors, departure is beginning to appear imminent!!! (Though not in the nautical sense of the word- I haven't packed my own stuff yet and that might take up a few hours and we have to give customs 48hrs notice to come and sign us out of the country)

It has been pouring and pouring and pouring with rain here today so now we are pouring (haha) over the forecast. Fortunately it's starting to look vaguely promising!!! As we all know, I think its great fun to be drenched by waves but the prospect of starting such a long ocean crossing wet through from the start is probably a bit ridiculous, even for me!!!

Well, I must go, its time for a cigarette!! And there isn't going to be much time for many more cigarettes- its Tuesday tomorrow- crikey!!!