Tuesday 22 April 2008


DTD 4468 so dmg 77.

Birthday personals:

Ethel and Alec - onya!

H & K in the 'Jing and E in Melb, thinking of you. H, thanks for Horatio telescope and clocks - counting seconds is where it's at!

Kimbra - that was the cake to build the Opera House on! Yea - went well with The Paddo Quack's best brew. Which actually came out of a round the world recycled bottle that we must have used for gin at some time in its history. Way to go. And the pink balloons too - Michelle C, if you're out there, we had two very elegant pink boobs in the rig, just like your kites, spreading the message to the dolphins and Bligh's ghost. Hope you are going well.

And The Paddo Quack, OTK Pete - great brew mate. Thanks. Second consultation for the day has just occurred. This is a very long and tedious leg - big hole in the middle and not a lot of wind.

And some stuff for the fixers - if anyone (in Oz) is in touch with Paul Fisher and/or Marty Andersen at RPA, could you please pass on that the manufacturers instructions and the base fitting for mounting the Airgen tower are nowhere near adequate. Was down the back in bumpy sea doing the usual and nudged one of the tower supports and the whole tower came off the rubber compressed fitting at the base and fell forwards. Potentially dire consequences, luckily avoided, but at the very least there should be some sort of through bolt arrangement to anchor the thing to the rubber base. I now have it lashed down to the windvane bracket and have devised a more permanent fix with hose clips and a couple of shackles through them at the base of the tower to allow the base to be tied down firmly to the windvane bracket.

Meantime, we're just headbanging away at this rather difficult stretch Hotblack Desiato diving into the sun we are not! We need an infinite improbability event to shift us into the wind 200 miles ahead.