Wednesday 30 April 2008

noon 0123.18 16316.42

dtd 3697 dmg 125
Too hot for bloggery. VoA 0.01. If you know what packaged cheese looks like when it's been in the sun - that's my brain. All the oil has leached out and I'm left with the crumbly bits. Imagination on slow time. I might try to fly this out later by satphone to test the system.

We will cross the equator around 0400 tomorrow Sydney time - 1800 UTC today if cheese brain is correct - unless we break something. I have just done a stocktake of the medicinal compounds available to sustain my addled soul - there's enough, but only if I'm careful. I can have one consultation with one of my physicians daily, with a long Con thrown in at times of extreme stress. Physicians are Dr Pete, the Barber Surgeon (Google Mary Rose) who makes it in his bath, Drs. Jasper, the Apothecary, who makes it in his boat Antares ( I think, but you have to be able to read Dutch) and Dr Steve, the Alchemist, who turns water into gold in his lab. I think they all use Cooper's home brew kits as their base and it's remarkable how close each comes to perfection! But then, any juice in a storm...

Today, I consulted Dr J for the first time - his brew is the youngest - and I pronounce it Good. I think Kimbra may have another little treat lined up for us for the equator in the goody bag. Yeeehaaa!

Many thanks to Steve L at AMSA and to Gerry for prompt response and follow up.

Every day, I try to do a job for the boat and one for me. Todays for the boat was to try to fix the cheap and nasty 12v fan so that it directs air in the right direction. For me - I put the arse back into a pair of shorts with sticky back and sailmakers needle, and I had a go at getting my mp3 player to charge - limited success. And I will try to crank up iridium for this message when it gets a bit cooler.