Friday 16 May 2008

Bloog Fri 16/05/2008 09:19

Back on the donk - now looks like a long slog - maybe 300 miles - till we get something useful. The Examiner has just been stalking us quietly, slicing strips off our SOG and COG - we still have a 15 degree difference between hdg & track and 1.5 kts off our speed thro the water. Pooo! Headbang, as I said earlier.

Golden orange striated ice crystal sky as the sun set. Open, clear horizon to the north - the empty sea and the sky - save for my ghosts. Tommy, young Henry and all the others who never made it home. Coleridge said it better. Somwhere down near the Marshalls, we must have crossed the tracks of Magellan's ship full of starving, scurvy ridden sailors - and a Filipino who, it is thought, must have been the very first circumnavigator, having been taken to Portugal from the Phillipines by an earlier expedition and then sailed with Magellan away to the west and home again.

P McQ - tks re bear spray. Good to have in back pocket but I rather think I'd like to hear from the other 8%. Have they phoned in yet? A.

Caroline - thanks - we'll look for Cass - hope we don't need next eclipses!

Kimbra - thanks to Dave pse. We'll try to pull in some of those wx broadcasts - a bit far out still for 4 megs, I think. I'll call him on the satphone when we get through Amukta. What freqs do the fisho's work?