Monday, 12 May 2008

noon 2016.45 16640.49

dtd 2396 dmg 123

Prob best day's run so far. Still headbutting - really clobbers the vmg.

About to have Daily Con - today with the Apothecary, the excellent Dr. Jasper. Not much else to report and too hot anyway, though does seem at last to be getting a bit cooler. Sea temp has been 33.4 - 33.6 since Solomons if not before.

On shaky ground here, but ponder this, if you will. Seems to me that we are working our way across an immense body of water that appears to be moving westwards. What perhaps is closer to what is really happening is that the body of water is trying to stand still while the earth rotates underneath it, leaving the water lagging behind and giving the impression to a little boat on its surface that the water is moving to the west. So tiny Berri is trying to keep up with mother earth, while tangled in mother earth's skirts all flowing backwards because inertia and low viscosity 'unstick' them from the base rotation. And that has to be the silliest attempt to explain coriolis that I've ever read.

Just passed a lobster pot float - in 5000 metres of water - so probably not attached to the bottom. Had lots of growth on it and the only place it could realistically have come from is one of the Hawaiian Islands 2000 odd miles up current and up wind. It might make it to the Phillipines or Taiwan or South China any time in the next few years, or get diverted up the Japanese coast and around to where we are going - in a few more years.

Two seabirds - one twin tailed, delicate and beautiful, the other, which I was able to photograph, basic grey brown petrel or gannet or ..Otherwise, nothing obvious, tho the dinos are still around and glorious at night.