Wednesday, 14 May 2008

McQ: Heavens Above Part 2

We are on the last of the Southern Hemisphere stars now... Can still see scorpio- one of my fave constellations, not sure how far north he stays with us??? And fully into the Northern Hemisphere Constellations now- my fave being Cassiopoeia, or the 'lazy W' (or M, depending on the name of the handsome young man you are sitting on the beach with, gazing at the stars!!!) but I always thought it should be glaringly obvious, but I am not sure if we can see it yet or not, which means probably not, still too far south!!! Can you believe we came all this way without a heavens picture??? I got out my Toghill's Celestial Nav (brilliant book!!) the other day, but of course being an Oz book it only covers Southern constellations... so if anyone can tell me if we are north enough for Cassiopeia yet, that would be great and also can we see Pleiades by the mast (ie high up) at around midnight Sydney itme??? Mum, any chance of a heavens above guide (for both hemishoheres, for completion) simple, just pics of the constellations, to go in the AM parcel???? (As we head N and it becomes more daylight, this publication would become reference only, I do get that!!! but its always good to absorb new knowledge!!!)

My Ali: just a thought, if you take Imaginary Me on your next WLA you should maybe consider taking Real Marc too so the punters of Holland Park don't think you are talking to yourself, and he should be able to help you through any little doorways away from any ugly people!! Otherwise, hope you and IM get on- shes pretty well behaved, so no leading her astray now... xxx

hugs and love to all on a beautiful sweltering pacific morning McQ xxx