Wednesday, 21 May 2008

McQ:I love our barometer today... and found the oat cakes

Amazing what a barometer on the up can do to spirits!! Oh and not forgetting the sea abating and wind slowly slowly freeing us...we are pointing less at Japan and more towards Aleutians!!! Woo-hoo!!! Hopefully comitting to the SE when it comes in and riding it North will prove to be not a bad move and hopefully , we will then start to have a more realistic idea of the depressions a bit further up there that we will have to face... if they are still stonking on, with wads of winds in them then hopefully if needs be we can ride east a bit underneath and pop north behind the worst... As I have said before, ruled by the predictable wind and wave gods, this is exactly what will happen!! Did a Vancouver bolt hole stock take too- we have enough food!! (possibly actually to go there and back!!) certainly enough museli to last a lifetime!!Did I mention though that it would be nice to bump in to a snickers ship though???!! Also found the oatcakes- being Scottish, huge boost, almost, almost makes up for lack of snickers!!!
Sunnies back on and off to deck I go...
Lots of love
ps Gems, ty for info, please yes send all luck and love with Ross to him and the whole crew and ask him to send lots of love and hugs to Hannah, tell her, she can do it, and though I can't follow everyday from here in Pacific, I am still fully behind her and sending as much good vibes across the ocean as I can- also we must have crossed their to-Hawaii track sometime last week- kinda cool to think about!!! Cor xxx