Sunday, 18 May 2008

McQ: Mouldy me and the Cats Meeoow

Well the wind is doing exactly what it said on the tin folks!! Fully filled in 30knots from the SW by ten this morning. Big, huge rolling seas, but we're hooning on through, munching away at those miles- am just so impressed once again as to how the fabulous wee Berri just storms on through, thoroughly enjoying herself!! Dropped the main and barrelling along with just headsail... I tried to take some pics but you never quite get it in photos, then I went for a bit of video, definitely not going to be a career move there, and I felt a bit sick watching my movie of us surging through these seas, while surging through these seas, but you do get a better sense of the scale of the waves!!! Never again will I complain about all those waves coming crashing over us earlier in this voyage either- the sea is now 25 degrees and that down your neck feels positively icy compared to a balmy, salty 36C!!!
Had to break out the Cats Meeoow (The Sleeping Bag!!) last night and I am a touch fearful that I am getting into the cold weather kit all a bit early... I also discovered everything has gone mouldy... mid layers, jacket, vest, shorts, purple hoody, etc, and not just inoffensive black pin mould either, I'm talking about full on fluffy, white, foosty blobs, all over everything!!! Nice!!!
Lots of love to everyone.
Mouldy McQueen
ps Can someone please give me a short report as to how Hannah J is getting on?? TY.