Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Decisions 3349.49 17018.24 Tue 20/05/2008 22:20

We've had a look at the grib for the next three days for the area to the NW of us and it seems that we can keep going north. The wind should come around to the south, 25 - 30 by tomoz evening and stay for a couple of days. As long as we can sail downwind in the change without busting anything, we'll go with it and then try to stay in the bottom of the string of lows to get some easting and duck around one when we get a chance and go for the barn door. So that's the plan.

Caroline - great minds! And don't they boggle. Must ask Matt one day.

Kimbra - guesstimate for potential bolt holes still useful - but not so urgent, I hope.

Kris - Your driveway with Berri in it might be an interesting photo caption competition!

Sailmail propagation extinction was finger glitch on my part - must have entered the wrong longitude in the dark and not noticed. Interestingly, there are little fail safe indicators if you know the system - I found my error while setting up the grib request because the little boat wasn't on screen. Apologies to all of you that have never seen sailmail, but it might help people that do use it.

There's a temp lull and I have to go up the mast - see yez.