Monday, 19 May 2008

Hove to. Noon 3249.08 17123.07

DTD 1596 dmg 83
Passing the time really - not possible to make headway safely with sail into this stuff. Surprisingly, we are moving north while hove to. Slowly! Cant really even do routine maintenance stuff - but bilges must be looked after, and half cupful of exquisitely flavoured but excess olive oil poured down the head (bog, loo, toilet etc for the nautically challenged)

Spoke to Steve on the batphone to resolve laptop problem - I killed the thing in the end and it has come good. i think the nav program takes over and tries to save all the trackpooints. But, in consequence, decided that today's Con would be with dr Steve the Alchemist. Onya, mate - gold as ever! Will now try to send all this via iridium, which started started this problem in the first place.