Thursday, 15 May 2008

Plog 2625.37 1609.16

So here we are - a smidge over 2000nm to Dutch (say 17 days), a smidge under to Amukta plus 2 days to Dutch. No wind worth mentioning, but what there is is from the west so it's good. There is a line of nasty tight low pressure systems crossing our path from w to e between about 30 and 45 N. These guys are clockwise rotational systems with 50 - 60 kts in the front sectors and just like the Southern Ocean - not nice. We are west of the great circle route, at least notionally deliberately, though we did not have much choice. This is good - means we can pick up the westerly flow at the bottom of each system and reach north, sea state permitting. When the system passes and we're in the back of it - strong northerlies, dead against us - we will be west of the direct line to Amukta and - in theory at least, can fall away a bit to get a reasonable wind angle and keep stoking along towards Amukta. Fog expected in and from Amukta towards Dutch, so extract serious radar reflector and hoist. Time and reality will tell, but that's the theory. I think we should be able to maintain a reasonable vmg from here. Approaching mental turning point in marathon - but not there yet!

So - assume 110 nm/day and work it out for yourselves.

Original to-do list for Dutch included:
refuel and restock
check whether diesel heater necessary
investigate ice basket for prop
warm clothing and boots
charts and local advice
buy small outboard?
repack boat to include Kimbra
sort anchor lines, stow at least emergency kedge line on deck, maybe buy appropriate anchor for conditions if not Berri type CQR activate NL200 iridium SIM additional fuel tanks?
Rifle (sorry Ann)

New autopilot - buy Berri type socket and fit fit Iridium aerial checkstay tangs?
sailmaker for refurb of old sail & small adjustment to trisail computer geek who understands CMap to rebuild small laptop Electrical engineer to refurb backup watermaker motor send pics to speed inflate and stow both inflatable duckies.
heavy duty rubber gloves