Sunday, 1 June 2008

5130.36 17918.21 bblink

North of the Fastnet! And - dare I predict - I think we're west of the IDL for the duration. Welcome back to yesterday, all you Ocks Down There

Tom G - the beast that surfaced beside me a few days ago did not spout, was black/grey as far as I could tell and I did not see a fin. It seemed to be bigger than the boat and seemed to be sort of flat - difficult to explain and it was only there for a few seconds. And there was the ?pectoral shape before it surfaced. Did not see the tail.

Hey Leroy - Fame at last man! Space Toilets on OzRadio. Way to go!

From here, I'm seriously tempted to cut the corner and go south of Garelof. Would save about 7 miles, we could sail it...We're in fog - vis about 300 metres. Decision in an hour or so.

Time to wake McQ. Think I'll stay up and make a cuppa and extract some of my dwindling supply of dunkers - perhaps 10 left in last packet.