Tuesday, 3 June 2008

5234.58 17422.10 Barnacles.....

Anniversary 2005 Falmouth, Barnacles, Fishing boat, hat & gloves

This is the anniversary of Berri's arrival in Falmouth 3 years ago late in the evening - to be met Izz ang G and Dr Gordon. Would have been fitting to arrive in Dutch, but not to be. We're on track to be there on Thursday arvo AGW, which, on this gig, tends to be the exception.

Berri slow and sluggish - all the underside of both quarters above the antifoul is covered in 3" barnacles. There seems to be something affecting the prop as well. Pete, about the same as when we got to Falmouth - I wonder if they are the children of the ones that got a free 114 day ride from Falmouth to Hobart.

We were overtaken by a small trawler during the night - phosphorescence again, in iridescent cascades. And it's so nice to have warm dry hands and my old Falklands fridge bonnet which I found as soon as I dug for the errant bag.

Grey gloop continues. We're a few miles from one of what must be the most spectacular views in the world and all there is to see is the inside of a paper bag. Pity.