Sunday, 29 June 2008

McQ: Message for Gonzales...and cheerio to Dutch!!!

For Gonzales: There is a house in Venice that has this enormously wide spiral staircase up to is an apartment on the top floor and it is a very very old apartment. The man who built it yonks and yonks ago loved his horse so much and had nowhere to keep his horse outside so built the big wide spiral staircase up to it so he could take his horse up there everynight and so the horse could stay warm and dry and happy in the living room.
Since you appear to be in Europe maybe this should be on your list of landmarks to visit with The Burro??????
For everyone else: all is well in Berriland. And this is just a quick one to say 'hi' and 'bye'- we are heading off for Nome (take 2) at first light tomorrow. Forecast looks good for the next couple of days- SE or S 20 to 25 knots- excellent really!!!
So off home for last of the packing and an early night as first light is about 5am here!!!
And then, how exciting!!!! back to sea!!! I can't wait!!!!
Lots of love to everyone...
ps thanks so so very much to Steve and Kelly (and Chico the wonderdog) for their amazing and fabulous hospitality and for introducing us to 'Ruk-Shuk' my new fave game... and most of all for generously giving us their own set of little rocks!!!! Awesome!!! Thank you!!!

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