Monday, 2 June 2008

5159.34 17756.17 just north of Bumpy!

As McQ said, we got headed. The Examiner was dozing or beating someone else up when we were at Gareloi but she's back on the job. I've just squeezed Berri so that I could take out the 2 Gareloi reefs and there's now a 6 kt featherdown breath from somewhere north. 5.2 kts with the engine pushing us along and the sails just filled. We've had the little heady - still happily stitched - since way before Amchitka but the big one would be better now.

Such a shame that the local conditions are so gloopy dismold grey. We just made out the base of Tanaga volcano as we passed it a mile and a half to seaward - black and with snow streaks in the gullies was all - but this would be the most marvellous trip in sunshine.

Dicky B - my pre-Gareloi consultation with my 300 RANSA consultants reminded me so much of Tom - do you remember the party we had the day we got back from not getting to Rio? Tommy's little barrel of factory strength OP with orange juice? And me and Tom having to front some rather indignant Customs people next morning after the press got in on the act? He's out here somewhere!

Appendages now firmly crossed that it all hangs together for another 12 hours or so. Ride it in with us and thanks for coming along this far.