Monday 2 June 2008

McQ: The Sock Exchange

I guess we don't really have a real boot room on Berri, but instead a strange phenomenon known as the Sock Exchange can sometimes be observed. It is funny how you fall into routines quite easily and things that could be quite random become so normal it would be weird without them!!! I've noticed it on a few watch changes and it does make me chuckle: Its only really at the early evening two hour watch changes where it is still light but so cold that party-gear-to-bed-gear is the only way to go, but we have developed a sort of routine whereby whoever is coming off watch (say me in this case)will go down below, wake the other (Big A), have a 'whats changed on deck' chat whilst simultaneously peeling off soggy layers. Chat may or may not continue depending on whats going on and eventually I'll be out of cwampet outer layers and will clamber into my bunk. Alex then sits up properly in his bunk, opposite, and kinda gets-with-the-programme: this is when the funniest thing happens, I'll take off my cold and clammy Outside Socks (now comprised, thermal socks and sealskinz), put them in my boots ready for next time and replace with big thick fluffy purple bed socks, a bit of toe stretching and feet rubbing to get the circulation going again and then tuck them into the depths of my blankets, Alex does the same, at exactly the same time, but in reverse: untucks his feet from toasty blankets, bit of stretching and rubbing the feet to warm them up, removes toasty bed socks, replaces with his cold slippers (he keeps his cold and clammys in his boots) and swings out of his bunk. We both do this the same but opposite, whichever watch change and this little ritual that we have each developed is completed with the utmost precision and concentration and neither of us utter a word. The only difference is that I don't have slippers and go straight to the cold and clammys when about to go on watch and I don't think big A's bed socks are purple...
Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you!!
Lots of love