Monday 2 June 2008

Examiner 0, McQ 1

Mount Agadak

Andak ahead - looks like another volcano, but overcast down to 300 ft or follows.

McQ on watch, Big A just getting dressed - snaps to attention as Mcq cuts the throttle - Alex, there's steam coming out the back and no water! - MM! OOH Poo! Through the barn door and the Examiner is still trying. So - analysis - first, check the impeller - seems ok. Then take the pump outlet tube off and restart the engine briefly - no water, so must be outboard of the pump, so the inlet must be blocked. If you know where Berri's raw water inlet is, you'll find that hard to believe but...
So Big A struggles with engine box, tools and the raw water inlet tube, trying to get it off the valve fitting. Much struggle and just a little profanity and McQ says sweetly, Why not pour hot water on it? Collapse of stout party, Big A chastened, boils kettle and does so and is able to remove tube. Opens valve, no water. Eureka, but there's a right angled bend in the fitting - how to get around it? Old vhf aerial too stiff and McQ suggests dismantle hose clip. BA has another think, much struggle and more profanity - silent, of course, and Big A gets act together and works out that the right angled bit unscrews from the fitting inboard of the valve - yeeehaaa. Unscrew, retrieve old vhf aerial kept for just this purpose and open valve, push out whatever was in it, gushing water, Berri in danger of immediate foundering - put the whole shebang back together, take heart out of mouth and start it - McQ down the back, thumbs up. Yeeeehaaa! Big time! McQ to bed, having spent the last hour shivering in the cockpit, BA clears up the mess, brews one of Pete's special coffees, once again courtesy of RANSA, and sits down to write this.

Wind has dropped, we're rounding Pt Adagdak and about 13 miles to go. Will report when alongside, prob by satphont to whichever part of the world is awake at the time.