Thursday, 5 June 2008

5336.27 17023.49 More from the Examiner

McQ still has nasty headache. 1 nurofen every 4 hours is all that I think is sensible. She's been up, had soup, but now back in bed.

We now have 30 kts dead astern, postage stamp heady, poled out, big building sea and gale warning for tomoz. Oh Whooopeee! We're doing around 5kts, some big waves, will shorten heady even further as things develop. Very cold, raining right against the back door. Poo! Both stor boards in.

Looks like a long and interesting 24 hours to come. Glad I've done a few Melbournes and I know about the last few kilometres, but not a pleasant prospect. Don't like your chances with the webcam unless the vis improves.

And there's Bogoslof Island dead ahead, which I will try to miss. Should be there in daylight tomorrow.

Love yez all. Have fun out there!

Later - fortified with soup and a rather revolting mix of baked beans, tinned slushy mushies and steak and onion, plus my last 2 snickers bars, carefully preserved for such an occasion. No weather event lasts for ever, but the examiner has placed this one very carefully. Helping us along, but at the same time the building seas are potentially a bit iffy. They're about 10 feet now and steep - I have kevvo set up so that he takes us slightly diagonally up the face and down the back of each one that he can manage - remember, they are overtaking us, probably twice the boat speed. Also hoping that same course will get us inside Bogoslof in 80 miles or so.

Will try to keep sending these but don't stress if none or v. few. Is difficult - and sometimes busy. Might set the trisail later if seems appropriate.