Thursday, 5 June 2008

5345.58 16851.59 Thu 05/06/2008 17:46

Will write this in the hope that I can send it. McQ still has big headache - other signs ok, but I think she should be ashore as soon as possible.

Conditions still awful - 25 kts, dreadful sea but manageable as long as I keep going downwind. Going absolutely as fast as I dare - full small furler and trisail, just able to maintain general course towards DH. No way we could make Nikolski. May have to hand steer around Bogoslof. Will be doing sked with Dave in DH @ 0900. Earliest ETA Cape Cheerful around 2200 and will ask Dave to organise someone to meet us if possible as I'll be alone on deck and not easy to get to chart. No time for more - we'll get there. No forecast yet - hope Dave will have it and that this is easing a bit - not too much as that would slow us down.