Sunday, 4 May 2008

McQ: Burds and, if there is space, theirpocket warmers...

I saw a bird this afternoon. Now I am not especially good with birds but this was definitely a new one, and it was black. Except that might just have been the colour it looked as it was silhouetted in front of the sun! It had a pointy tail and looked like a smaller version of the bigger one with a pointy tail that we saw the other day. Pretty average bird really I am afraid and can't give you any more distinguishing features. I think the only three birds that I could positievly identify are a Pelican (big, black and white, biiiig beak, my favourite bird too)albatross, huge wings and super graceful and the blue footed booby, (blue feet, doh!!), oh and maybe a dodo too, but since they don't fly and are extinct then I think its highly unlikely that we'll see one of those out here in mid ocean, unless of course the foredeck witch brings one in a tux next time she comes for a dance.

This afternoon Alex hardboiled all the remaining pocket-warmers, though, that said, I suppose they don't really become pocket warmers until after they are hardboiled. Anyway, this was cause there are more than we can get through before they start smelling like rotten pocket warmers since we never got round to vaselining them at the beginning. So we now have lots of hardboiled pocket warmers to get through, we left them to cool too and vaselined them, and since theres no pockets on my shorts and its way too hot to need to warm our fingers and they are now cold the EU certainly wouldn't let them be called pocket warmers, so maybe we should give them a new name: I know, we shall call them eggs, yes, eggs, from now on pocket warmers shall be known as 'eggs'

Maybe I'll write something sensible tomorrow...

lots of love to all
ps DB: I haven't uttered a word to Walter Walruski 3rd (for that is his full name) yet. Don't worry.
GM&L: What a remarkable book, incredible, a fantastic read, thank you- if ever I think wee Berri feels small I shall be grateful I am not chained to a sack of coconuts instead!! Also I am blaming you entirely as have done nothing but read in my off watches for two days when I should be sleeping and am now exhausted!!!
CB: Have lots of thoughts on plans, can't wait to discuss, whats happening at your end in the village???
JS: I love my pink watch with blue flashing lights- thank you!!
FF: Is it Neist Lighthouse at the top of Skye??