Thursday, 1 May 2008

noon in the North 0027.07 16344.47

dtd 3581 so dmg 116 - mostly motor, but we're sailing again and looks like Kimbra's wx change on the horizon.

Nauru - tiny island - once the main source of phosphates for fertiliser all the world's farmers and no doubt lots of other less productive things. Phosphates come from guano - bird poo - and the island must have been hundreds of metres deep in the stuff - just imagine the time, the numbers of birds, where have they all gone? The island now just a barren spiky rocky wasteland mostly but with a big population. They originally invested well - skyscraper in Melbourne for one - but I don't know what has happened since.

Still sweaty hot - we have the hatches open and the Cone open so there's a breeze through the boat that makes sleep possible, and also sitting here.

D - thanks for the xword - it worked - McQ has done a lot of it in her watch and now I'm going to try to finish it.