Wednesday, 17 September 2008

4952 01133 gribbery pokery

The Plan - as far as it goes and until we change it again: there seems to be a biggish windless hole about to be sitting over the Scillies which is likely to make things quite difficult for engineless Bears to get into town. When I spoke to Officialdom about the possibility of a tow into St Mary's, there was a certain reluctance to commit but the option is definitely there, on a commercial basis. So that's the backup. The grib shows that there is a chance, if we keep some speed up and edge ourselves a few miles to the south that we will be able to keep sailing generally towards Falmouth - so that's The Plan until it changes. It would put us close to Falmouth by Saturday, but beyond that it's really difficult to predict. Could be earlier, but more likely late Saturday, early Sunday. Apologies for lack of precision - navigation is often the art of compromise and playing the uncertainties.

For the doubters - yes, Berri is definitely available if the right proposal comes along. The most interesting so far "How exciting! Sorry we can't bankroll you, but why don't you make it your next project?" Maybe, but I'd certainly like to be part of anything that does happen. Else, I'll just keep the old barge in Cat 1 condition for as long as I can afford to or until one or the other of us falls off the twig.

We're almost in the Celtic Sea again. Can't believe it - Last time Berri was here, we were rounding the Fastnet in 2005. I can feel the voibes and smell the Kilkenny - where are you Conor? Sadly, we're just a bit too far south for any of that malarkey.

Izz, I think it's time for Sublime Thoughts. If you have time amongst other more pressing matters, cd you pse get on to the Energy, Mines, Resources Canada website and try to download the North Circumpolar Chart MCR 4141 from their National Atlas of Canada, 5th Ed. I tried in Nuuk but didn't have the bandwidth. ( 5th Ed reference Maps MCR 4141 perhaps - my notes are a bit cryptic.) I'd like to get it printed full size if I can find someone to do it, or else order one from Canada.

Victor - Taupo Radio broadcast pretty much all the time - See ALRS - and I hear them on 6224 mcs. Callsign Taupo radio.

For the ABC - we might be in mobile range by Friday evening UTC but iffy. You'll have to call me - I don't know whether either of my sims has credit on it and anyway I don't have a number to call you. +4407770776274 or +447816004379.

Hoonster - gather methane while ye may! Hope the project proceeds sheeplessly iaw plan. Glad you got to speak to H. I agree absolutely!

Love yez all!

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