Saturday, 13 September 2008

5202 02229 St Mary's here we come.

Been looking at the options and as we will be passing so close to the Scillies, it would be silly to pass up the opportunity to call into St Mary's, get the donk fixed, have a beer and leave so as to get to Falmouth in daylight. So that's the plan, but as you all know, most plans don't survive the first contact with the enemy - in this case the Examiner - so we'll wait and see. We're about 6 days out from the Scillies.

Paul and Ellen - yep, the first S2H that Berri will not be in in 14 years - could get her back in time but way beyond my budget. Might be back to do it myself if anyone will take on an old fart with no sense whatever. And if my family don't have other ideas.

I have always thought that Orion is upside down down under, Susie. His belt and no doubt other goodies aren't supposed to hang upwards. At least, the Greeks didn't think so!

Steve and Kelly - thanks for being there. Steve, I'd like to return your silver dollar with another notch in its belt, so to speak - you can then put it to better use yourself perhaps. It has done us proud, Please send me your address.

Carla - likewise with Lerizhan - but I have your address. He should be on the handlebars in Nome when you claim that drink. But you'll have to barge the bike in from somewhere...

Love yez all.

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