Sunday, 7 September 2008

McQ: There are no words fitting for a title today

So after a night of storming down enormous waves at 5-6 knots bare poled in 35-44 knots of wind, it is now morning, the sun is out but it makes no difference: the wind is still howling, lizzie is still howling, (I feel like howling!!) the sea is still howling and phenomenal, a huge great swell coming from astern with another set coming in on our port quarter, these separate wave sets inevitably meet with a great crash just over the top of us. there is a really confused sea too on top of the swell too- it is definitely starting to ease all round though- no longer are the breaking crests (and there are lots of them) being blown away skywards in great clouds of salty spray. but I think this nasty sea will be with us for a bit yet... and I just looked at a new grib that has another low pressure system coming through underneath us and unless it blows through a little bit quicker we may well get stuck in NEasters on top of that too!!! Brilliant!!! SO- fingers crossed everyone, that it blows ahead of us and we can duck round behind it!!!
Did I mention that everything is soggy and damp and my toes have gone into full sulk mode and are now refusing to communicate with me, totally. Since I now have my fluffy (soggy) insole poking out the front of my left waterlogged boot, I guess its understandable.
Bring on Falmouth!!
Lots of love

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