Thursday, 4 September 2008

5952 04604 What a change a GRIB makes...

Today's grib shows a developing low NW of us that will move east and give us 35 - 40 knots south of Kap Farvel in a couple of days. Nasty! So we are hooking off to the south as fast as Berri's little wings and engine can carry us - looks as if it will build from the south all tomorrow and go to the west later in the day at about 25 knots and will then build further. I'll try for another grib tonight,after the next update. If we can get a couple of hundred miles to the south in that time we might avoid the worst of it. We will spent the day making sure everything is properly stowed, find the trisail and generally prepare for the worst - a grib 40 kts means we will probably see gusts of 60 so we need to get out of the way if we can and be prepared if we can't.

Have had no news of Gustav - hope you guys are ok.

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