Monday 1 September 2008

McQ: Carlsberg...

..don't do land ahoy but if they did it would probably be (Greenland) the best Land Ahoy in the world!!!

Revitalised and refreshed and clean and dried out and warm toed after a fab couple of days in Nuuk, where we managed to fully organise Wee B for the next leg and also have some time to go sightseeing- I now know EXACTLY what becomes of my letter to Santa every year and I will start writing to him again this Christmas with renewed knowledge that he will definitely get it!!!

So we are off again, motoring south along the absolutely stunning Greenland coast, to stay out of the worst of the current (going the other way obviously!!)

The sea is beautiful this evening, bluey green and everything has a slight iridescent feel to it. With the jaggy mountains in the background it is quite possibly one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. And I've just woken Kimbra who now gets sunset watch (and a big fat blazing orange sun it is tonight too!!) as we have gone UTC already.

All we need now are a couple of Narwhals and Walruskis to swim past and that would be just wonderful!!! Not going to see them down here in front of a poot screen tho, so I'm returning to deck...

Lots of love for now
ps try saying: no walrus, no narwhals, no wind, over and over again and really fast!!! Its really hard to not garble it up!!! Kept me entertained for the rest of my watch...!!!

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