Friday, 5 September 2008

5836 04550 Roughly the top of Scotland

And the Examiner has switched on the fan and she's standing beside her reeking pile with shovel at the ready. Late this evening for the front, I think and then we see what we get behind it. I can remember being profoundly grateful to see only 50 knots on the anemometer down in the southern ocean - remember those nights Pete? Would Montevideo never pass? - but now I confess to cringing a bit. We've had it too easy so far and I've lost that edge. We have 2 slightly conflicting forecasts at the mo - one nasty, the other a bit softer, so I'm hoping.

Awful watch for me too last night - really grim night and McQ has used all the words already so I won't try. But, AGW, only about 15 more like it...

H & K tks for msg - H, all the best for the UK and Malta and my love to your Dad.

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