Monday, 8 September 2008

McQ: Better a bad day on the water than a good day in the office...

.. I think thats what they say on a monday morning in the real world, isn't it?? Only I think it refers to a weekend of racing badly round the cans and not the relentless weekend we've had in the middle of the North Atlantic!!!! I do keep reminding myself that this is still miles better than photocopying!!!! (Or red dots)

Things are all good out here though, bobbing/hooning over a gigantic atlantic thoroughly confused sea, with not enough headsail out for 20knots, perfect amount for 30 knots and a touch too much for 38 knots... and the wind is going through this cycle continuously so thats why sometimes we hoon, other times we bob!!! (that and Kevvo's DUI driving are giving us a vmg anywhere between 1 and 7 knots!!!) We are going the right way though and the gribs for the next few days should help shunt us in the right direction too!!! (looks like we might even get a bit of a breather from the 30+ knots tonight/tomorrow- which is good cause we are almost in to the 'contingency, contingency dinners'!!!)

Last time I crossed the North Atlantic, it was Halifax to Jersey at the same time of year and it is as relentless this time as I remember from last time!!! I remember being so overwhelming elated to get to Jersey and ever since Jersey has held a very special fond place in my heart!! Well, Falmouth is looking set to become a similarly loved port!!

Anyway, and most importantantly, K made pocket warmers for breakfast!!! And its getting a bit lurchy here in the nav station so I think its time to start eating my pocket warmers before they get squished in my pockets!!!

Hope you are all having a good monday morning too!!!
Lots of love
Warm Pocketed McQ

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