Friday 12 September 2008

K: Socks

It's Corrie's fault this time. She changed her socks yesterday and guess what? Yep, got blasted last night by a southerly front. C & I got the trisail up at our 2300 watch change over, then we got pounded until just before dawn. Very wet and lumpy On the bright side, the water is now a tropical 13.8 deg C, I'd hate to think what that front would have been like in teh 5 deg C Davis Strait. Ungh. Thank you Gulf Stream!

The wind's swung around more to the west now, and we're stonking along in 25-30 kts with a sloppy side-on swell, but going in the right direction and going there fast. Things should continue in more or less this fashion for the best part of a day, then we're due for some really light stuff. That's probably a good thing - at this stage we're all pretty fatigued and sleep-deprived. A day going nowhere fast on a flat sea and catching up on some sleep and R&R is much needed all round.

Anyway, sun is shining, Lizzie is whizzing and we're sailing. Must be time for lunch.


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