Sunday, 7 September 2008

K: May we live in interesting times...

Interesting times indeed! Also very bouncy, lurchy, damp and uncomfortable. As I write this, Kevo and his accompaniment of big bad waves have just launched Alex's pot noodles over the side and into the Atlantic. That's the last time I make him noodles to eat in the cockpit! Corrie is wrestling with the stove and tins of food to cook a "contingency dinner", but the chances of success seem so improbable that she's doing more giggling than cooking.

Well, it ain't got no flatter out here. Winds aren't too bad - only 30-40 kts, which in a bigger boat would be no probs. However the sea state is making things challenging with a boat Berri's size. The view from the top of the waves is spectacular, but also a bit unnerving when you know that there's another wave equally as big behind that has yet to be successfully negotiated, and then another, and another, and another to more than I have the patience to count to.

After Corrie and I both ended up swimming in the cockpit after getting knocked sideways by breaking waves we've gone into "night mode". Bare poles, heading SSE at about 4 kts, with Kevo driving. Seems to be going well so far, but Kevo does like to throw the odd bucket of ocean in your face when you least expect it. Anyway, on we plod.

Think "south" thoughts for us y'all!

Love to all,


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