Thursday, 11 September 2008

McQ: Darn ETA's

We are sailing, we are sailing... woo hoo!!! For how long though????

It's never easy is it??? I think, from my interpreting of the most recent Grib we are likely to be battling 30 knots southerly wind by this evening (ahead of a front) and it may well build to 40 during the night- great!!! Hopefully it will build quick enough and blow through quick enough that the seas don't have a chance to go bonkers again!!! And maybe, even if we are bare poling, or close to, by the end of the night we can but hope that we are able to drive across the seas and stay reasonably close to course... if the seas do build to anything similar that we've had, we just can't afford to have them breaking on our beam and so will just have to run with it... hopefully not for long though!! And i can see myself, tonight, once again wishing for less wind, less sea, less relentlessness!!!

And, just to remind us how bad it is not to content ourselves with our lot, it looks like we're going to be in for some light stuff behind it, as the system behind stonks norh, taking the big westerlies with it!! Of course, light winds aren't so bad, we could always motor in the right direction and keep our average speed up- oh, but thats right, darn sea soaked poor Ernie and he just won't splutter back to life, despite our best efforts!!... And so it is, that in a couple of days, I expect we might be bobbing and i might be reminiscing about 40 knots of westerlies, shunting us Falmouth-ward, despite the relentlessness of bare-poling and big seas!!!!

Darn ETA's!!!!

I guess it could be worse- could be Lucille's ex and could be left with 4 hungry kids and a crop in the field...

Lots of love

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