Thursday, 4 September 2008

6009 04641 Yeeehaaa

Welcome back Speeds! And thanks all y'all for messages and good wishes. Ken P - would love to meet David Cowper for a beer or two if he's interested. RIP Geoffrey Perkins - may he have endless supply Pan galactic gargleblasters in company with the man who rules the universe. Izz, we'll be wearing our orange underpants for sure - note in diary for Manacles.

We can now 'see' Falmouth though not yet south of Kap Farvel and are heading directly for the Lizard 1540 miles away. Will take the rhumb line track in order to stay a bit south and perhaps avoid the worst of the line of lows that seems to be crossing the Atlantic at the mo. Say 15 days from here, AGW so will just miss Hilary on that basis.

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