Wednesday, 17 September 2008

McQ: tactical decision time for the competitiors in the Bollinger Greenland Falmouth Race

Ladbrokes/William Hill/ Paddy's/ Your local betting shop would be having a field day with this one- its 221 miles to Bishoop Rock, plus 49 to the Lizard plus 20 to Falmouth which is less than 300 till champagne!!! We are zooming along in the right direction at about 6 knots at the moment, so that would get us to Falmouth in the not too distant future!! HOWEVER, we are being chased (aaargh!!) by a big phat high... which will slow us down, if not stop us, then we have the tides to contend with, no wind and no engine and 3knots tide againt us at the Lizard if we time it wrong (if we are indeed in a position to time it at all!!) we go backwards (and we know how much I hate going backwards!!!)
So... if we can ghost on through the high with the big A-sail up like the past few days, and then not get stuffed by tide (I think we need to be at hte Lizard 2pm ish or 12 hours later) then Friday evening a vague possibility, otherwise, and more likely saturday morning or afternoon, especially with minimal wind and no Ernie to help or sometime loong after that if we find ourseloves drifting aimlessly near the scillies in a few days time with no wind, we may still go in to pause/reflect/and fix there...... either way, this Bollinger Greenland Falmouth race (which I entered us into last week, but fortunately exists only in my head!!!) looks an exciting tactical one... and it must be nearly time for me to start getting excited too!!!
.. and enjoy the last few days of Atlantic Ocean!!
Lots of nearly there love
ps I'd very much like it if one (or more, but one would be fine)of my friends could make it to Falmouth to welcome me in!! Thanks!!

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