Thursday, 4 September 2008

McQ: International TADay Today!!

Today, I have decided, is from now on to be known as International Toe Appreciation Day. We don't give our toes nearly enough attention and we don't appreciate them nearly enough- so today, I ask you all, to think of your toes, make sure they are loved and warmed, by a toasty fire, or in the sunshine on the beach (make sure and just warm them not bake them and use suntan lotion if you are doing this on the beach though) or curled up in thick woolly socks. Devote hours to lavish attention upon them this afternoon, and promise them you will always do your best not to let them get cold and wet and miserable!!

So don't forget to appreciate warm toes today and think of all those toes out there, cold or wet or miserable or neglected!!!

Lots of love
Trying to warm my toes McQ

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