Tuesday 26 August 2008

6519 05420 The optimist's gamble

Sounds like Ludlum.

We ought to be in Nuuk tomorrow morning local time - say around 1500UTC. If we can get a reasonable berth at the Boat Club we will sort all the fixes, do the shopping and get ready for the Atlantic over the next day or so. I've done the great circle numbers and - here's the optimist - it should be possible to get to Falmouth from Nuuk in 15 days sailing 3 to Kap Farvel and 12 for the Atlantic)if we crack a good weather pattern. So - more optimism (something you almost never get from me!) if we leave Nuuk at sparrow fart on Aug 30 we could be in Falmouth by Sept 15, so any time from then is a reasonable bet.

Hilary, if you're out there, it's just possible.

However, the normal me now jumps in to remind myself and everyone else that we haven't heard from the Examiner for a long time and I'm sure there's a question or two yet to be asked.

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