Friday 8 August 2008

Cambridge Bay, wherever google earth thinks it is.

Wonderful place. I'm set up with internet, coffee and the works courtesy of Corey - who went to Adelaide U as an exchange student and is a Coopers fan. If it wasn't illegal, I would leave him my last bottle of Pete's brew. Sadly, I'm not allowed to bring it ashore - this is a dry town. Have to go check into Canada with the RCMP in half an hour - we are once again in the poo for not having proper papers, despite my very best efforts. I even phoned ahead to Tuk and was told not to worry, we didn't need to check in. Ho hum!

Long talk with Peter Semotiuk this morning and he says there's no hurry - the passage will certainly open soon. I hope he's right, but on that basis, we will wait at least until Eleanor gets here tomorrow. That will be a special meeting - provided that the planes are flying. Resolute under the weather at the mo.

More later. Must go do my duty. Will try to send some pics but will give cd to Eleanor as well so she can post from somewhere with better connection.