Monday, 11 August 2008

We're on the way 6847 10430

Departed CB 1030 - about 3.5 days to Taloyoak if we get lucky and then we have to eyeball it. May be a longish wait - at anchor too, so possibly uncomfortable. There's still a lot of ice in Franklin and these westerlies will tend to keep it there, although they should also apply some heat and perhaps accelerate the melt. Tricky passage through Simpson Strait south of King William Island and towards the end of it we will cross the path of the last Franklin expedition survivors, on their way over the ice to Starvation Point, where it is believed they all died after eating the bodies of their dead colleagues and being unable to catch bears or seals and anyway not understanding that that way - perhaps - lay survival.

Thanks to Corey for his hospitality and help while we were in CB, and to the RCMP for being cool about our unorthodox arrival. And to Matt for playing around with google earth.

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