Tuesday 19 August 2008

Amendments to the Bollinger viciousness scale.

Amendments to the BVS for your BVS reference notes:
Cold: more vicious than Nome mosquitos and all other really vicious things put together
Snow: snowflakes are pretty, not vicious!! Unless its collecting on the winches etc, in which case it could be quite evil!! mwahhhahahahaha...
Ice: deceptively vicious- infact, so much so that it even gets its own viciousness rating- one tenth, unvicious to ten tenths, very vicious!!! Generally though, for BVS purpose, the larger, more blue and more beautiful and awesome to look at, the more likely it is to be vicious
Magnetic North Pole: I don't find this vicious personally, but I know Ray sure does!!
Belugas: totally unvicious- I believe this is consistent with the last the entry of 'Beluga' in the BVS... these are actually very sociable and hang out in big groups with their buddies singing songs together, which is probably the least vicious passtime I can think of.
Never-ending cabbage: Fortunately, by eating cabbage everyday, we managed to eventually finish it and so I think, we avoided it becoming vicious.
Oreo monster: I'd like to say vicious, but the way he looks at me, I can't- I think he just wants to be friends!!!
Freezing fog: oooh very vicious, unless the rose-tinted ski goggles are on in which case it is just rosy and kinda hypnotic!!
Icebergs: amazingly impressive, just phenomenal and not vicious to look at but not sure I'd want to be under one of those overhangs- now that could be vicious
Hot-hand warmers: even less vicious than belugas- infact they would be top of the Bollinger Delightfulness Scale, if such a thing existed.

Lots of love on this frosty but stunning morning!!
ps J'nie- thanks for letting me know your address, we've just passed the last mid-ocean-post-box for some time so your postcard will have to wait for a while now...

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