Saturday, 16 August 2008

McQ: cold as ice

Kimbra's right- It is soooo cold!!! Though it looks delightfully inviting, sparkling in the sunlight, the water is hovering around 3-4 degrees, not swimming temperature really!!! The air definitely has that arctic feel about it, even my breath has breath, its that cold!! A couple of hours on deck is just about bearable but then it takes most of the next off watch to warm hands, fingers, nose and toes!!! Even Big A had to relent in CB and borrow a huge thick down sleeping bag from Corey to help warm his toes and just last night I broke out the last layer of bedding, and am now encapsulated in my bunk in cat's meow, various blankets, thermal liners and an Irn-Bru coloured Sea Rug (which makes me happy!!!)

The GRIB's are looking promising, if they are right, we are in for a couple of days of lightish westerlies, which may make it possible to get through the next icy bit and the sun is out in full force this afternoon hopefully warming up and melting the ice a little from above!!! Pat's monitoring things for us from (his home, in) Nome and has advised that there is an opening through, so we are on the way, just passing Matty Island now and planning to stick close to the eastern shore of the Sound as we go north, heading iceward!!! Its almost too exciting now!!!!

Hope everyone well and warm at home,
Lots of love,
Ps anyone any ideas with what to do with half a cabbage for dinner??? - have exhausted all cabbage possibilities from my brain!!!

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