Monday, 18 August 2008

Pond inlet

Talked to Alex an hour ago.

The Berri is over the top of Borden Island. They plan to duck into Eclipse sound, under Bylot Island, in line with Pond Inlet. All this is, of course, the top of Baffin.
Alex thinks it wisest to come down the Baffin coast. Good move, considering there is still a bit of ice floating around in the middle of Baffin bay.

The weather system coming in behind the Berri is bringing a lot of cold with it. Forecasts are as low as 6 below C. It has got to feel good to be out of Passage!! I'm not quite sure where the start and finish lines are, But I would say the Berrimilla and fine crew are on the "I did it" list.

There are two rounds of toasts to be made. One for the Northwest Passage now and the other we will save for a safe return to Australia in the near future (via UK).

The Berrimilla is the first boat to complete the NW passage in 2008, beating the Amodino by one day. (YAAA!!!) (I guess the Amodino got out of the ice OK back in Peel)

I believe the Berrimilla is the first Australian boat to complete the NW Passage! (YAAAAA!!! CHEERS! homemade Coopers in the air please!!!)

I believe the Berrimilla is the only boat to circumnavagate the world by the Horn and sail the NW passage. (YAAA!! CHEERS! Guinness if you ran out of Coopers)

Congratulations to Alex, Corry, and Kimbra!!

Not too much coopers please as there is still a long way home.