Saturday, 16 August 2008

Ice free and Peel

Short call from Alex,

They have decided "to use Peel Sound over Bellot/Prince Regent Inlet for a variety of reasons" to be discussed someplace other than the expensive sat phone.
Alex gave his position in relation to some island. My tiny brain and poor reception lost it. I think he said "Bear Island" but I only see Barth Island which is consistent to the Berri's speed. About half way up the west coast of Summerset Island.
Snowing, NW and cold about covers it. 

Cold NW winds expected all the way up. New ice still forming around Banks island to the west. A little old ice expected at the top end of Peel... nothing like they have been through.
The plan now is to get the hell out as fast as they can. 
This type of cold chills to the bone and I considered worse then -40. I used to wear my best winter gear to stay warm.