Friday, 22 August 2008

McQ: Amendments to the Bollinger ETA Crystal Ball/Calculator

Hmmm... so I've done some slightly more accurate distance measuring to Falmouth and looked into the crystal ball and going on the assumption that we aren't planning to stop in Greenland at the moment, would like to amend my ETA to 1400 UTC 20th September... hopefully, mum, you will be back from your hols by then cause it would be very sad if you weren't!!
No more amendements from me, thats my final guess!!!
Its a beautiful morning here in Baffin Bay- can see Baffin Island to Starboard, all the bergs are almost glowing blue in the bright morning sunshine-just yesterday I was wondering if I'd ever get to wear sunnies again and here we are today with the sun out!!
Fantastic and all rather spectacular!!
Lots of love

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