Thursday, 14 August 2008

Holding my breath!


The big picture; the pacific 'arch' is back in classic form. Gulf of AK up to Coronation/Maud and back down mid west and East coast. These are the same conditions you know and have come to love. More heat and moisture. You may loose the westerlies as you move north above the King. Larsen appears to be above the 'arch' so local conditions will prevail.

The bad news is new ice is forming in the northern areas above Resolute and way above Barrow. One can play 'chicken' with new ice at this time of year, but sooner or later the new ice will win.I don't expect any new ice to stay.

All that ice in Larsen is spreading out. That means it is about to self destruct. I think your position and timing is about perfect.

CB 10Degrees,ESE 17 kmh
T 5D, WNW17
Res 1D, W33

Is it possible to send you an ice map by sailmail? Will it crash your mail? It would be very helpful navigating Ross Larsen Franklin.