Wednesday, 20 August 2008

McQ: Bananas and mojitos and icebergs and bays, not in that order

We're in Baffin Bay!!! Woo-hoo!!! Successfully out of Lancaster Sound, and for me the North West Passage... now for the next leg: Baffin Bay is slightly misleading, most unlike Bay ever really, icebergs: huge things the size of office blocks scattered across the horizon. Huge mountains and glaciers to the west of us, 35 knotters of easterlies/ south easterlies forecast- thats a bit breezy and on the nose too... all most un bay like. Bays conjure images of sunshine, bikinis, swimming and mojitos... here in Baffin Bay we are not swimming, even though the water temperature has leapt up to a balmy 3.2 degrees C!!! and we are continuing to layer up not down!!!- I donned my drysuit for the first time today. It fantastic- I love it and don't want to take it off ever!!! bright yellow too, so Big A is very envious and I look like a giant banana!!! And best of all it has goretex feet, so the ziploc-boot liners have been packed away for the moment too!!!
All really very satisfactory out here at the moment...all we need are the mojoitos!!
Now, just those icebergs to contend with as it gets dark, some chilly breeze on the nose, a very long mountainous rocky and glacial lee shore and then probably a few North Atlantic Storms and we'll be home in no time!!!
Hope everyone well and yellow- in a happy way- too.
Lots of love
ps the icebergs are unbelievable- I am totally dumbstruck (and lost for words!!!) to describe just how incredible it is to be sailing past these gigantic and amazing lumps of ancient blue and grey stripey ice. Its the maddest thing!!! And very, very beautiful, if potentially a fraction perilous!!!!

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