Wednesday, 13 August 2008

McQ: Never Ending Cabbage

Its all getting terribly exciting... the distances from here are now quite small (in terms of taking the journey in small manageable chunks of legs, so I mean for the rest of the NWP bit!!!), as we are so far north- we are only 12 miles south of the western tip of King William Island... 20 miles to the start of the Simpson Strait, which is only about 30 miles long for, less than 100 to Gjoa HAven, less than 200 round to the northern tip of King William Island, barely another 100 miles to Bellot Strait after that and 400ish to Resolute... oh but, yeah, a lot of that is, er, ice... really unhelpful!!! Its weird that there is effectively a 'wall' of solid matter stopping us... you don't normally go sailing somewhere not anticipating that you might not actually get there- unless I guess you are trying to sail to Switzerland!!! (incidentally and totally irrelevant, I got asked by a random in Nome if we had sailed from Switzerland and he meant it earnestly) And its entirely in the hands of the wind and ice gods now... we must be nice to them, so they change their minds about the norwesterlies forecast for the rest of the week!!!!
Never has the phrase,'so near, yet so far' been so applicable!!!
Its like the cabbage, sort of. Nina gave us a cabbage in Tuk and we have eaten cabbage every night for dinner since then and still it won't end. Its wasn't particularly big, but it just doesn't seem to get any smaller!!! Actually, its nothing like the cabbage but the never ending cabbage is truly baffling me!!!
Less ice and less cabbage, that's what we would like...
Hope everyone well at home,
Lots of love

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