Saturday, 16 August 2008

Kimbra's ice identification hints...

If it's white or Colgate blue it's probably ice. Often looks like a solid line on the horizon, but often has gaps on closer inspection. Dodge.

If it's very small, pointed and dirty grey it could be a Northern Fulmar (ie: bird). These can fly, so no need to dodge.

If it's very small, triangular shaped, splashing and dark grey it's probably a seal. Wave exctaticly.

Been going in and out of icy patches all day. Very foggy & spooky last night - perfectly calm, no horizon and no sense of perspective. Alex likened it to being suspended in a glass of milk, which was pretty close! Spectacular National Geo cover beautiful stuff at sunrise this morning. Add some penguins and it would be per-wer-fect!

Passed Tyhina going south about 0500, and another French vessel (Peregrine?) also heading south slightly later. Amadino overtook us in the wee hours and we were in sight of them for several hours. Positively crowded in Franklin Strait today.

Just gone through a thick bit of ice, in fog. Ice has thinned out now for a bit, so hopefully fog will do the same. I still hate fog. Water temp has plummeted to a new low and the gauge is hovering between 1.8 & 2.0 deg C. Brrr. Toes officially cold & nose runny.

Will be abeam of Tasmania Islands in about 15 miles. Home sweet home!


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