Friday, 22 August 2008

7234 07512

Slarty was obviously proud of Pond Inlet - I could see his signature clearly on both sides. Couldn't quite read the date - looked like about 400 million years ago - about when Marvin started parking space vehicles at the other end of the universe.

I pulled in the grib this morning, had a look at it and unrolled the headsail and squeezed out past the nearest big berg, which promptly dropped half of itself into the ogg with a snap like a gunshot and a big splash. Missed it be a nanosecond with the Nik, but not enough light anyway unfortunately, even with ISO on auto. We're now 40 miles into Baffin Bay, I hope on the way to the AC and Cape Farvel and Falmouth. A bit over 2000 miles to Falmouth - time for prediction guesses if anyone's interested - mine is midnight UTC on September 17th just to set a baseline.

Still cold, misty rain, but N wind forecast for next three days. Cross 'em again please. Speedy has been on holiday - gone sailing - so no messages except some congratulations and good wishes. Thanks y'all. Of the other boats going east that I know of, Amodino is doing the tourist gig behind us, Gary Ramos Arctic Wanderer went through Bellot Strait last night ans is now in Prince Regent. I really have my assorted appendages crossed for him - he's been stuck in Cambridge Bay for the last 3 winters. I think. Westbound, Tyhina and Geraldine in CB, I think, and a couple of French boats approaching CB.

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