Saturday, 16 August 2008

6947 09602

This will be a very long 36 hours or so for me. Wish I was more like Marvin - or even Eeyore.

Tyhina is 78 miles north of us, I think in 2 tenths ice and we should see him in the next 15 hours or so. The sun is shining, there's fog on the horizon and these days it gets dark as well so we will need to be careful if we are in ice.

Later 6956 09618 thick fog and we have seen our first bit of ice - all by itself in 5 deg water. An arctic tern somewhere above.

Later still 7029 09641 Scary night - complete whiteout - no horizon, no sky, no water - just grey white with chunks of ice and sheets of ice and little bits of ice in the fog. 2 kts and weaving around to get though. Tyhina now past going south. Amodino ahead to starboard and 90 to Bellot Strait. The most spectacularly beautiful dawn I have ever seen. Photos sometime - wonderful.

later still - at Tas Island - still lots of ice - Amodino went inshore further south - haven't seen them come out yet.

These queuing up - will try to send

Later still -7137 096 14 I think we're through the ice - Bellot late tonight agw -

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