Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Bye Bylot Island and Pond Inlet

Just talked to Alex by sat phone.

The Berri skipped Eclipse bay and they skipped Pond Inlet. Right now they are about to round the NE corner of Bylot to head south down Baffin. They "will be taking it right on the nose". The influence is still the stationary low centered at Resolute. Its fast arms are sucking the cold out of the north pole and reapplying it to north Baffin in the form of westerlies and than southerlies and I am sure a few less favorable names. There are high wind warnings at Igloolik 200 miles south caused by that pacific 'arch'. I think the two systems are doing a stare down. Jack frost vs. Pacific Pappa. I think pappa is going southeast. looser.

Corrie and Kimbra sound like they are boardering insanity. Lovely ladies. We don't have to worry about Alex, he's already there.You have to be crazy to do this stuff. I remember many times sitting in the cold rain muttering, swearing never to do it again...A month after the trip, you can't wait until the next one.