Wednesday, 13 August 2008

It's open!!!

Alex and all

This morning's ice report shows 2/10 or better the entire Ross to Franklin bit. Mostly 1/10 or open! Major upgrade!!

Skip long stay at Gjoa Haven and go on to starvation point. (I really hate that name)  Around the west side of King William. The front door, up the middle of Maud is still closed, back door is open as you planed.

A large Gulf of Alaska front just over the Rockies into the Yukon, 2-3 days to hit you as it goes past it will first blow west, than turn to southerlies. (my prediction, so take it lightly) You are in for a couple warm clear days until the front hits. This thing should blow you right up Peel and out Lancaster.

I would try to get through the ice before this front hits.

I love armchair sailing! Take care.